Why is hypebeast clothing expensive

Could you belive that a box logo from supreme could cost as low as 300 for a bad design! Just for one of the nice supreme hoodies you could buy one for 700$ and more and the most expensive one being over 2,000$ for one item. Bape is also another expensive brand because of the style it is and who ever wears there clothing. If a brand such as supreme or Bape tried to sell the most ugly thing you've seen in your life they could possibly make it over 600 dollars.

Now lets get into Gucci and more expensive high end stores like louis vuitton which items could cost you 1000 at the least for something nice to wear. This is because it is so hyped up because of the rappers or famous people like the Kardashians in our society. They hype up this type of clothing because maybe they are sponsored by them and wanna show everyone that its cool to wear gucci or louis but the catch is it costs money. go back Back